About Us

Who we are

Thank you for visiting Perky & Gorgeous Dress and Fashion accessories store. We exist to “CREATE A GORGEOUS LOOK” that you have ever wanted. This we do by offering varieties of quality, durable, affordable and elegant dresses and fashion accessories; thus solving the problems that have been hindering both males and females like you from looking perky and gorgeous.

We understand that individuals come in all shapes and sizes, and the best way to look gorgeous and perky (cheerful) is to be at your best in what you wear. For most men and women, this entails dressing according to your body type to bring out your very beautiful look, curves and contours .

This means dressing is more than just buying and putting on any type of clothes you see online or in the traditional boutiques. You must therefore be conscious of the kind of wears and select a dress that highlights your best features and balances your body’s proportions, curves and contours; thereby creating a look of perfect symmetry between your bust, waistline, hips, and entire booty. This is why we are here: To help you “CREATE A GORGEOUS LOOK” that you have ever wanted.

The Problem We exist to Solve

  • Difficulty finding a cheap, quality and durable dress that meet your budget;

  • Difficulty finding varieties in order for you to select the right one;

  • Problem of finding the right type, favorite color, design, pattern that fits the occasion you are preparing for - wedding, graduation, cocktail party, homecoming, formal or office use etc.

  • Challenge in finding the right fashion accessory like necklace, watch and earings that will match and fit your dress;

  • High cost of dresses and fashion accessories in the big "guys" or brand shop, too expensive and no budget to accommodate shopping gorgeous wears;

  • Lack of Customers' satisfaction thus making online shopping of gorgeous dress and fashion accessories a "hell" and a "shit thing". Most times you sacrifice your time, quality and your money in order to shop. This is no more!

Our Solutions

  • High Quality & Durable

    We source and offer only high quality, durable and elegant dresses and fashion accessories that bring out your contours, shapes and beauty.

  • Competitive pricing

    We ensure all products are cheap compared to products of same quality and size offered by our competitors. Plus affordable to all irrespective of your budget type.

  • Varieties of products and time saving

    We bring you varities in the bodycon product line and fashion accessories in same store to ensure you choose your favorite and save time of further searches for matching accessories.

  • Unequal Shopping Experience and Buyers' Confidence

    No scam! Our platform provides our customers unequal shopping experience with fun. You buy with confidence and pay securely. Plus full refund quarantee if you don't receive your order.

  • 100% Customers satisfaction

    We are available through our various channels of communication to ensure 100% follow up with our customers from time of purchase to delivery.

  • Save more money

    We offer different coupon code and special price discount sale almost on a weekly basis. Plus, name your price if you really need a product but don't have the budget. Does not apply to products already on sale or with discount code.

Our Core Values

Our Customers

Customers is our #1 priority. The reason why we started our business and we are still in the business is you the customer. Thus we value you - the Customers as gold and kings. Consequently, and we are committed to satisfying your needs 100% from the time of placing order to till you receive your order.

Quality & Time

We work hard to making sure that we offer only quality products in the market to our valued customers. We do not and will not waste your time finding products in our store that are fake, less quality and non-durable products that will eventually culminate in waste of time and money.

Competitive Pricing

We believe that every woman has the right to have a gorgeous look. Thus, we offer our products with you in mind irrespective of your budget. We create value for your money by offering a competitive pricing. This makes our product cheaper that any other product of the same quality and size offer by any of our competitors in the market.

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